At Magnus, we craft beautiful digital experiences that actually create value for people who use it. Responsive websites, portal and web experiences, software development or content creation, we cover a large range of creative fields to build the most innovative experience, working hand in hand with our clients.

Some of our clients work with us to reinvent their online presence and content management operations, others to formulate their enterprise digital strategy, and some hire us to build high-impact data visualizations. Whatever your situation calls for, we’re ready to help you achieve your digital goals.

Design and User Experience:

We relentlessly obsess over details as we convert your brand essence into a visual art form. Our design process is methodical and iterative, striking the perfect balance between form and function. Our philosophy is simple: design should enhance your brand and your content, and not interfere with them.

When catering to a wide landscape of devices, we begin with a & mobile- first" approach. By starting with the smallest form factor, content is ruthlessly prioritized according to the preferences of your audience. As the design process scales upward for larger screens, visual aesthetics are layered in to produce a beautiful canvas for your content. The end result is a single website and unified user experience that is optimized for any device.

People love stories, especially when they evoke a mood or a feeling. Visual storytelling is a powerful device and the web is the ideal medium to deliver it. We enhance prose with the appropriate typography, styles, and engaging graphics. The goal is to facilitate an experience that enhances your content and encourages user interaction.

Web Solutions and Development:

We pride ourselves on being a technical agency that employs a wide range of open-source and proprietary programming languages, tools, and technologies to make our client’s vision a sustainable reality. We are experts in .NET, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

We provide oversight, transparency, and controlled test coverage from development through deployment. We follow industry best practices by thoroughly testing every tier of our applications. We encourage the involvement of developers, test engineers, and your business domain experts in our engineering process.

Online and Stand-Alone Portals:

With experts in UI design, portal development, and testing, Magnus has built up competency to become the right partner for your portal project. A portal on its own is a vast area of discussion but to brief you on a few we deliver are B2C, B2B, Vendor, Community and Learning portals.

We offer the tandem of a rich industry experience and cutting-edge technologies resulting in the combination of a convenient and appealing interface with strong portal capabilities Acknowledging the volatile nature of business, we ensure a portal’s architecture allows on-the-go changes harmlessly to its performance. Be it a huge portal serving hundreds of thousands of users with complex functionality or a small nifty solution, our experts make sure it benefits the customer’s business with a strong presence.

Online Content Creation:

From an information marketplace to a successful commercial environment, the Internet continues its growth as a medium for the sale of goods and services.

We aim to use the many different ways the Internet can be helpful in ensuring you reach the right audience and in the most effective manner. From case studies to webinars and from interviews to pin-boards, we’ve got it all covered.

Software Development:

As a true partner, we bring the skills and resources you need throughout the software development lifecycle. Our flexible approach minimizes risk, ensures timely delivery and controls costs.

Designing relevant dashboards, user-friendly apps or prioritizing features require a more collaborative way of working than the traditional waterfall approach. Iteration is the rule, collaboration a prerequisite. We use methodologies to drive collaboration within virtual teams and deliver outstanding outcomes.





Quality Check

Your website is tested for functionality and efficiency. We employ industry best-practice techniques to assist you in the delivery of a stable, high-quality product that will meet the project’s scope requirements.

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